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Southern California Real Estate

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Search Engine Marketing: Drawing traffic to your real estate website

What is search engine marketing (SEM)? and why it’s important for getting ahead of your competition in real estate marketing.

One way to get fast visibility is through sponsored (paid) listings on major search engines. Also known as pay-per-click (PPC), sponsored listings are those that show up at the top of search engines, such as Googles blue boxes, or on sidebars that line the page. These results are clearly labeled as Sponsored Listings. The more popular the listing, the more often paid listings appear.

Another way is through lead tracking, which can help your real estate business become stronger by attracting quality leads. What lead tracking does is bring both short- and long-term benefits for your company. It gives you instant access to information about sales prospects, while also streamlining and managing the sales process.

Email marketing is an additional bonus to this SEM system. Not only does it impress your prospects by allowing you to send value information on the market to them, but it helps you stay fresh in their minds.

You can utilize a third-party provider to run your SEM campaign for you. This is especially helpful if you lack the time to create an in-depth campaign, or want to spend less time on the internet, and more time with your clients.

But before you start your campaign, you have some work to do.

Targeting your customers

Of course, you know yourself, and your business well. Despite this, you may not have a list of words and phrases that people may use to describe you and your company. In order to utilize SEM effectively, it important you take the time to do this.

Even if employing a third-party provide, it is vital that you know who your potential customers to a T. Ask yourself, what are they looking for and why they would want to use you to help them buy or sell their homes?

All aspects of SEM rely on keywords to work most efficiently for you.

Keywords are key to SEM

Keywords are simply words that determine what category your site will be listed under in search engines and directories. With sponsored listings, the keywords you choose to bid on will determine when and where your ads show up.

Once again, it is important to figure out what words and phrases are prospective buyers and sellers would use to find you. Also, you must determine which is important to your business, and use accordingly.

Your website is more likely to attract hits if you spend time performing this seemingly mundane task. While there are a few guidelines for effective keyword plans, they take time to do well.

Brainstorming your Keywords

Place yourself in a potential clients shoes, and think of every world imaginable that someone may use to find your real estate service. If you special in high-end new constructions in the Los Angeles area, for example, you make brainstorm the following.

Luxury Brentwood homes

Upscale Los Angeles real estate

Best neighborhoods Los Angeles

Not everyone who is searching for upscale Los Angeles real estate will use the same phrases, so it is important to think about every conceivable term they may use to describe the same thing. Examples include:

West Side Homes

Luxury condos

Southern California real estate

Full service brokerage

Mansions Beverly Hills

Best schools Los Angeles

And on and on…

While brainstorming, remember to think about what you would look for, and branch off from there. The more specific your keywords are, the better. A good idea is to come up with 40-50 keywords and phrases, and taper the list to the 20 most effective. The more specific your are, the better your chances are of having words that differ from competition. In pay-per-clicks, the more popular a keyword, the more expensive it is.

If youve reached a block, use Wordtrack ( It is a site that suggests and evaluates keywords most relevant to your business.

Once you have a solid list of keywords and keyword phrases, you can use that information to build other aspects of your SEM campaign, including lead tracking.

Beyond keywords – Creating a Better Business Focus

While they draw traffic to sponsored listings and real estate lead tracking efforts, brainstorming keywords has another benefit: giving you additional focus in your real estate business.

Times are quickly changing in the real estate business. Models that may have worked in 2003, may not work in 2008. The more specialized you make your services, the better. Anything to differentiate yourself from the other companies available. Keyword lists can lead to call kinds of new ideas and opportunities for selling your services. You may come up with a new email marketing campaign, or a more effective way of bringing more traffic to your website.

Say you come up with a keyword phrase retirement homes. Do a little research, and you may find that many baby boomers are looking for homes that are smaller, but have luxurious details. Using that information, you could construct an email about how smaller homes are quickly becoming the size of choice for retirees. Keywords may spark new ideas, so be open to them!

Desert Hot Springs California Real Estate Offered With Zero Down Payment To Benefit Community

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Southern California Real Estate

James Williams, a real estate investor, wants to give back to the community where he conducts business. To do this, he is offering a Desert Hot Springs California home for sale with zero down payments.

“We are looking to help a young family become Desert Hot Springs real estate owners by offering a home with zero down payment. If we help them it helps the overall community,” states James Williams.

James Williams is also President of Precision One Mortgage Corporation, a nationwide mortgage company based in Southern California.

“In many cases a down payment is the only obstacle that stands in the way of young family becoming home owners. They have the ability to make a monthly mortgage payment, but have never managed to save for the initial down payment. By offering this home with zero down payment w are removing that obstacle.”

Williams acquired the Desert Hot Springs real estate in a dilapidated condition, but has since had it refurbished.

“By offering this Desert Hot Springs real estate with a zero down payment, we accomplish two things. Firstly we help a young family become real estate home owners, and secondly we avoid any expenses that we may incur if the property is unoccupied for any length of time.”

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The home is a great starter home. It has 3 bedrooms and two baths, with new wiring, plumbing, central air, and comes with a dishwasher and stove.

“We are always asked “what’s the catch?” after being told that zero down payment is required. There isn’t one! Our company philosophy it that by helping a young family we are giving back to their community.”

James Williams makes his charitable purpose clear, “Unlike other real estate investors that want top dollar for their properties, we are more concerned with making less money and helping families with a zero down payment to become Desert Hot Springs real estate owners,”.